LiveOffice Sharepoint

Why LiveOffice Sharepoint

Over three quarters of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, but they’re not all using it for the same things. The tricky thing about explaining what SharePoint does is that it isn’t any one software program but rather a platform for several different kinds of programs. SharePoint isn’t something you buy and install on your own desktop but rather a back-end system that ties all your employees’ PCs and mobile devices together, allowing them all to communicate and synchronize their efforts.

LiveOffice Sharepoint provides three base platforms to choose from, that suit your business requirements.

SharePoint Express Calendars, Collaboration Search, Security, Documents, Tasks Announcements, Wikis.

SharePoint Executive External Data, web forms, Rich Media, Workflow, Excel Services, Project Management.

SharePoint Enterprise Interactive Web, My Sites, Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence, Managed Metadata

Key Benefits

Access via Web

LiveOffice SharePoint is available anywhere, anytime.  Wherever you are around the world, it allows your team to collaborate, find stored resources and manage content and workflow, all in a highly secure, centrally hosted location. With LiveOffice SharePoint, your staff can publish microsites and use them to share documents securely over the internet.

24/7 Support Available

We are dedicated to providing fast, professional, innovative support to our clients in a reliable manner, to keep their businesses running smoothly and efficiently.

Secure Hosting

All LiveOffice Sharepoint services are located behind a secure firewall. Best-practice security policies and procedures are used to minimise attack surfaces and ensure a fully patched and secure supporting infrastructure.

Business Workflow

Workflows in SharePoint allow you to model and automate business processes. These business processes can be as simple as a document approval process with a single approver, or as complex as customer-facing structured business process, full of conditions, loops, user inputs, tasks, and custom actions.

How it Works

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