Online Data Backup Services

Increase Productivity with our Cloud Backup Solutions

Data is at the core of your business. Accounting and operational data, customer information and email records are all essential to business continuity. Nevertheless, protecting data in any organisation presents a unique challenge: how do you backup your data frequently and reliably, and then store and retrieve it securely, with limited resources and no IT personnel dedicated to these tasks?

LiveOffice Backup fully addresses these needs by providing an online backup and restore solution, which automatically backs up and protects your business-critical data in a cost-effective way, offering quick data recovery and restoration and customer support 24 hours a day.

LiveOffice Backup, is right for you if you…

  • Place a high value on your data
  • Prefer to outsource the backup management
  • Want LAN speed backup and restore
  • Have multiple offices

Say goodbye to tapes

A fully managed cloud backup service, LiveOffice Backup frees you from hardware purchases, license fees, and maintenance costs associated with tape backups, letting you focus on your core business with complete confidence that your data is always safe.

LiveOffice Backup combines the world’s most advanced remote backup and recovery software with Tier 1 hardware manufacturers, certified secure data centres and a team of engineers 100% focused on delivering exceptional data protection and recovery services. Your company gains all the benefits of world-class technology and equipment with the advantages of a local team and easily accessible offsite backup storage facilities located in Australia.

Business Continuity is Crucial

All backups are stored at three separate locations: a secure LiveOffice Backup vault is installed in each of your business locations to enable instant, local access to backed-up data. Secure LiveOffice Backup offsite vaults are placed in two certified secure data centres in NSW and Queensland. Geographic separation ensures that in the event of a catastrophe at your site or a regional natural disaster, your company’s data is safe and fully retrievable.