Search Engine Optimisation

There is a good chance that if you are reading this article you came across it using a search engine and this page appeared as a result of your search. That means our search engine optimisation techniques work and you have come to the right place.

This page contains some hidden talent and methodology that we have been using successfully now for over 5 years. It is no secret that Google dominates the search engine market and if you do not appear in the listings you might as well shut the shop.

The Top 3 Questions

  1. Why do I need it and what is my potential return on investment?
  2. Did you know that over 55% of searches are now performed on Smart Devices such as phones and tablets?
  3. Were you also aware that Internet purchased have increased 4800% in the past decade?

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

search-engine-optimisationIn today’s digital marketplace it is simply not enough to have a great looking website with the right marketing message and calls to action, we need to promote it to the target audience.

When a consumer is in a buying mood they are searching on the internet for you, if you are not listed your competitors will be and you lose revenue.

Search Engine Optimisation is a fancy term for Virtual Shop Front Sign. If you imagine a retail outlet selling clothes. They have a shop front in a prominent visible position in a mall or on the high street. They will have a great display of clothes in the window and an attractive eye catching sign.

This will hopefully draw the customer’s interest and get them through the door so the sales person can do their job.

Well search engines are the street and the results on screen are the various retail outlets but they all look the same so you need to be the first business they visit before anyone else.

That is called high ranking and search engine optimisation is the technique used to get you into the highest possible position on Google so the customers visit you first.

Now once we have you ranking highly the important thing to consider is how I will capture the customers (greet them at the door) and how will I covert them (get them to buy).

Fortunately we take care of all that and provide the following solutions.

What will Voice Print & Data do for me?

Our team of experts will perform the following tasks.


We analyse your current website, even if we have built it for you, to make sure it has all the right technical settings to attract Google.


We then compare potential keywords that Google is suggesting with your content to determine where it can be improved.


We then make alterations to the website content and potentially the design.


We then incorporate Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google+, Google Goal Setting and Conversion code.


Finally we manage and monitor the process over the month and report the results to you so you can see the improvements. This will include the suggestions we have on improving conversions.

What will it Cost?

Below is a list of monthly options and we cater for all budgets. At any time you can upgrade or downgrade between these packages.

We can also offer Social Media Management, Content Creation and Email Marketing.

Social Media Management

We can offer a service monthly where we post content to your Social Media channels such as LinkedIn and Google+.

Content Creation (Copywriters)

We can provide content generation based on nominated subjects. We can utilise this content for your web site, social media and email marketing.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We prefer the use of Mailchimp when you also want to be involved in the process. If we are creating customised templates to run from the web site or software projects we will utilise Mandrill. The difference is Mailchimp allows the business staff to manage the content and distribution. Whereas Mandrill is controlled at a software coding level.

Google AdWordssearch-engine-optimisation

We can provide a service to structure a campaign using Google Advertising called Google AdWords. We create the Ad for Google, track the Impressions and Click through Rates and adjust the Ad for best performance. The budget for the advertising is billed separately and we suggest spending $990 per month to get results.

Google AdWords Call Tracking

We can also provide Ad campaigns that allow you to track the call traffic. The special number provided by Google still forwards all calls to you real number so you don’t have to change anything but the added bonus is we can see how many calls you received.