Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery

Every second of IT downtime can have devastating effects on customer experience, revenue and your company’s image.

An effective disaster recovery plan can greatly reduce the costs associated with a disaster event. By defining clear guidelines before disaster strikes, you give your IT team the tools they need to react and recover faster.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan

Whether man made or naturally occurring, disasters can be a real threat to a company’s survival. In many cases the negative effects of disasters can be prevented or greatly reduced if your company is ready to act and the proper steps are promptly taken. Careful disaster recovery planning can mitigate damage and reduce the risks of major data and profit loss.

How to Create an Effective DRP

Every disaster recovery plan will be unique as they must be customised to fit each company’s risks and needs. In order to be properly prepared for disaster, it is important to first identify which disasters will have the most impact on your business and which are most likely to occur.

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